Phlebotomy Training In Alabama

Certification Requirements

Although it is not required to be certified to get a phlebotomy job in Alabama, employers will give preference to candidates who are certified. You will need to complete a training course and also get real practical experience before you can become certified.

There are several training programs available in Alabama that will help you become a certified Phlebotomist. Although it is not required, finding a program that is accredited by a qualified organization is a good indication of a quality program.

Here is a list of Phlebotomy Training Programs in Alabama:

Jefferson State Community College Jefferson State Community College | Birmingham, AL
This program consists of 200 hours of training in a classroom lecture and clinical setting. To be eligible for this program, students… Read More
Jeremiah's Hope AcademySt. Vincent’s Jeremiah’s Hope Academy | Birmingham, AL
This program lasts for 15 weeks and consists of 240 hours of classroom training, skills lab, and clinical lab experience in a hospital… Read More


Gadsden State Community CollegeGadsden State Community College | Gadsden, AL
This program consists of 15 hours of lecture and 45 hours of clinical experience in a student laboratory/hospital setting… Read More

DCH School of PhlebotomyDCH School Of Phlebotomy | Tuscaloosa, AL
The DCH School of Phlebotomy offers a 9 week full-time program that will qualify students for certification. The curriculum… Read More

Medical Assistant Programs

The following schools provide medical assistant training that includes phlebotomy training. These programs cover more than just training in phlebotomy and will qualify you to work as a medical assistant, not just a phlebotomist.

Remington CollegeRemington College | Mobile, AL
The Medical Assisting Program includes instruction in venous blood collection. Although the scope of the program is broader… Read More

Virginia CollegeVirginia College in Mobile | Mobile, AL
The Medical Assistant training includes a broad spectrum of skills, such as equipment sterilization, injections and blood draws… Read More


Virginia CollegeVirginia College in Huntsville | Huntsville, AL
The Medical Assisting training covers various laboratory techniques, including equipment sterilization and venipuncture… Read More

Virginia CollegeVirginia College in Montgomery | Montgomery, AL
Virginia College in Montgomery offers a Medical Assistant Diploma program that is designed to be completed in 55 weeks… Read More

Fortis InstituteFortis Institute (formerly Tri-State Institute) | Birmingham, AL
The Fortis Medical Assisting/Medical Assisting Specialist program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary… Read More

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